Saturday, October 13, 2007

Best friend..., girlfriend...

Knowing that you heart is attached to one person can be translated as either disaster or a live happily ever after

But to know that you're attached to one of your best friend... is.. well..

I got mine heart attached to one of them, but the stakes is too high for me to take a move

Wanted to make the move for ages, especially since there are things developed, signs here and there, and she's alone now...

Sometimes me just wanted to hold her hand, of hug her, or look at her deep in her eyes, but, the stake are too high... If rejection is what me recieve, me afraid it will effect our friendship. If acceptance is recieved, me afraid that if things not going well... :(

Damn... it's a real hectic choice me really hate to make.

And me just wanted to getit of me chest... :)