Friday, November 16, 2007


Mission: to go to Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Honeymoon Dessert
Time: 1 PM, 15th of Nov, 2007
Trip Plan: short, 15 minutes max (well, traffic jam), from our office to Mall Kelapa Gading 3

the incident:

Me was sitting at the passanger's seat when me boss suddenly pulls up at Ray White, for he wanted to pay sumthing. And... when he was inside, somebody need his car to get out of his parking space, and our car's position was directly perpendicular to the car, so the only solution was me suppose to move the car.

Me get out of the car, and take the driver's seat, move the car for like 2 meters, and then stepping up and slam the door, letting the engine running and the key intact peacefully to it's place. Rite at the time me boss steps out of the Ray White office, so we both go our way (me to the passanger's seat, me boss to his driver's seat), and me told him me need to move the car since the car was blocking another car's path (naaaaaah.. bingung ga loe bahasa inggrisnye.. huhuuhuhu).

When we both reach our doors, we reach the handle at the same time (not really in one graceful, coordinated move, though, there are some delays here and there, and we do not move in unison though), and the door was.. LOCKED... :). And the key is.... inside... (remember, me let the engine running... :P)

And so, the whole trip took 2 hours... :)