Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Surging Wave of Water after a Fiery Fire

Aaaaaaah... after fiery fire tattoo that really makes me like it sooo much, me started to think to make a new tattoo

Me concept was just simply a surging wave of water, me take the design from a famous Japanese painting artist named (If I'm not mistaken: Hokusai), the original picture was mountain Fuji viewed from afar... while the storm was building...

Me want to place it on me leg, me right leg, note: LEG!! NOT thigh,

Me got one design, but only the frame that makes me wonder... guys.. please help me decice which one do you think will be better on me leg

This one:

or should I take this one? :

Please vote for me... :P

Monday, September 24, 2007

Old and New


Me made some improvement of my -bodily markings- that is inked into my skin... well, for short, me made a new tattoo

See the difference?

Me say that me old ones looks like a candle flame,

but this new one now, it looks like a blazing fire,

Anyway, it was in the same arm, see the difference of the size? :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Proof of "CARE"


Me started to think that me blog has evolved into some series of misfortune (but-funny-none the less) of me... Well, anything for those read this to make them giggle though.. :P

OK, this scrap was taken when me was in Sukowati, Bali, those people are really "care" about me, thus they wanted to give me some surprise.

And the surprise was, well it's humiliating though, but me count that at least some 20 persons laugh at that scene, and me believe that there will be like 500 more people laughing at me blog while they read this... :P

What they do in order is that:

  1. Kindly "reminding" me that there will be a surprise waiting
  2. Telling me that it was "proof of care"
  3. They bought me sumthing
  4. They put that sumthing on me, in front of like 1-2 hundreds person in Sukowati
  5. Take the video and take some pictures of me on that sumthing
Wanna know what is that?

Take a good look at me pic there... hiks... :(

PS: I'll add the video at a different post later