Monday, August 24, 2009

Surging Wave of Water

Finally.. after soooo long wait..

Me second tattoo has been made,.. and it marks the second phase of me life...

Water... the sustenance of life.... the flow that brings power, the flow that heal, the flow that mightily crush you with its wave...

The power, the healer, the buffer that brings balance...

Surging wave of water.... reside by me right leg....


TinuZ said...

aku pngen deh di tatto doraemon...

antoub said...

and.. when all 4 element as 4 stage of your life is done, is there anything left to became your mark on your body ? :D

deBlues said...

napa jadi ingat lagunya oom Jimmy ya ... "Come on baby light my fire" or "..light my wave" perhaps! :D

Anonymous said...

wekekekeek anyar maning yo bos tatobnya cocok sekali.....

Aribawa yg ganteng...wekekeke

Widey said...


None.. :)

Anonymous said...


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