Friday, November 11, 2011

Kamaitachi, The Sickle Weasel

It's been a while since me talk about me tattoo... and as I was planning, the sequence of me tattoo is that it started with fire, and then water, and then the air/wind, and ended up on earth tattoo...

Now, me wife and me has search for some tattoo design for our won, me wife ended up to choose the tattoo that's going to be our cafe's name (please pray so that our cafe would really coming through)... and the motive is gonna be a shillouette of a cat.. :D *cute*... :D

Aaaaanddd.. for me tattoo, me gonna make me third tattoo, the air tatto, as a mythical creature, and me think, the best choice is a Kamaitachi, [A trio of weasels with sharp claws, riding on a gust of wind and cutting people's skin on the legs. According to this interpretation, the first weasel knocked the unsuspecting victim down, the second cut the victim's flesh and the third applied medication to the wounds, so that at the time the victim realised what was happening they were left only with painful wounds that weren't bleeding.] --> That was Wikipedia says about Kamaitachi. Me like the idea since it depicted that the wind is free, malicious, yet cute and restrained.. :)

There are three designs for the Kamaitachi:




Me actually like the 1st design and then added background of the 3rd design as me tattoo.. what say you?

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alfone said...

yeahh...first design bro :D