Friday, May 4, 2007

Dictionary on Women's Word


Some said that women are the harderst part of life that's so hard to understood, (well, some even claim that: "To understand life is simpler than to understand women")

Just now, me found one of many persons that me can claim as me friend, wrote this on his YM's status: "Women... o... women, As if there are dictionary on women's word"

It just crossed me mind, that me has found some "rule of thumb" (as we cannot say it's a dictionary however...)

Well, here goes some of my collection on how to understand women:

  1. Yes = No
  2. No = Yes
  3. Well, up to you = My choice, or else!!!
  4. OK, you might do that = Yeah!!! And wait what will I do to you when you do that!!!
  5. Oh.. I understand completely = Only after you come up with something that I really like, then, I would!!!
  6. Naaah, it's OK with me = Never while I still alive and breathing!!
  7. Hunny, I love you sooooo much = I've done something bad, and I'm gonna need a huge help from you
  8. Hmmm... that gonna looks good on me = Buy me that!! NOW!!!
  9. See!! Told ya so!! = *Exactly what it meant*
  10. I'm on a diet = YOU TOO!!!

This part of me blog doesn't have any pretention to harm or undermine any gender... If you find this part offensive, please be so kind to grant me a forgiveness... :)


otnayrum said...

Ada tambahan satu lagi bang, dan ini yang barusan aku alami.

would you merry me ???

yes but not now = PUTUS

Widey said...

hiks... so sorry to hear that bro... :( So So sorry

GuM said...

sapa bilang wanita susah dimengerti? mantanku yang dulu ucapan dan pikirannya seiya sekata.

her : "jadi kita putus nih?"
me : "iya"
her : "ok, kita putus!!"

ups... keliru ngomong aku :((